Friday, October 7, 2011

Game: Dungeon Keeper 2

Short Description
As in the original, the player takes on the enigmatic form of a large floating green hand which moves around the map picking things up, dropping them, casting spells and interacting with specific items. The game interface is blended between a large panel at the bottom of the screen and interactive items in the world. For example, the buttons to select which room, door or trap to build or spell to cast are in tabs on the panel and are then dropped into position in the world. Locking and unlocking doors or activating items is done by clicking on the item in the world. Disabling imprisonment of enemy creatures is done by clicking a metal bar next to the prison door, barricading it closed.

System Requirements
Pentium II 166 MHz
300 MB hard drive space
DirectX 8.1 (Silver Edition)


Download Info
Server : Mediafire
Parts : 3
Total Size : 475 MB
Format : rar
Password :

Note : Download all rar files and extract it, then use your Daemon Tools to burn an ISO file. And don't forget to copy the crack into the main directory.

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