Friday, August 19, 2011

Game: The Sims

Short Description
Well, The Sims is not popular in my country and only certain person who plays this game, including me. Although the fact is like that, however this strategic life-simulation computer game could become a phenomenal game around the world. This score could reach till 9.5 on the game rank. I think it could be like that because of its simple gameplay and awesome graphics. You will play your sims as performing a daily life, such as take a bath, watch TV, eating, change your clothes, sing a song, and more important is you have to work in order to get some money for your life. But, as you know every game has a cheat code, though it has to use a trainer. It means that sims whom you control shows how you can manage his/her daily life. Hope you enjoy it.

Sytem Requirements
Windows 95/98 (later on ME/2000)
233 MHzProcessor
4x CD-ROM drive
350 MB HDD space
2 MB DirectX 7 compatible graphics card
DirectX 7 compatible Sound card


Download Info
Server : 4shared
Parts : 1
Total Size : 85 MB
Format : rar 

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