Monday, August 22, 2011

Game: Tomb Rider III

Short Description
This is an adventure game which I played in early 2011, not long from present. In the game you will play as Lara Croft to solve the case in order to finish the mission. The gameplay is almost same with Tomb Raider II, the previous series. And also the graphics, but I saw that there must be an upgraded graphics. I guess in TR III will be more difficult than TR II.

For furthermore, I'll only quote from Wikipedia for some times. Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft is an action-adventure video game developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive. It is the third instalment in the Tomb Raider series, and the sequel to Tomb Raider II. The game was originally released for PC and PlayStation in November 1998 and for the PlayStation Network in 2009 in America, with a release for the European PlayStation Network following in March of 2011. The story follows Lara Croft as she embarks upon a quest to recover four pieces of a meteorite that are scattered across the world.

In the Prologue, millions of years ago, a meteor struck the then tropical environment of Antarctica. It was first discovered by a tribe of ancient Polynesians who settled there and constructed a city in the meteorite crater. They worshipped the immense supernatural powers it appeared to hold, fashioning four artefacts out of the meteorite's core material (which become the focus of the game). Shortly thereafter, the tribe laid witness to the deformed birth of their prophesied leader, born without a face, and fled Antarctica in fear of what the meteorite was capable of. In the present day, the ancient Polynesian city has been buried beneath snow and ice and RX Tech are excavating the site, investigating the meteorite. Led by Dr. Willard, the crew discovers remnants of the Polynesian city, ancient stone statues resembling the Easter Island Moai, and finds the grave of a man named Paul Caulfield of the HMS Beagle.

System Requirements
Processor: Pentium 166 MHz
Free hard drive space: 470 MB
DirectXSVGA Video Card 4MB
DirectXDirectX 6.
Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP. 


Download Info
Server : Letibit
Parts : 1
Total Size : 278 MB
Format : exe